The Answer to Your Concrete Floor Dilemma

As much as your residential surface gets intense beating from people and pet feet going in and out all day long, just imagine if you had complete responsibility over a commercial concrete floor of say, a shopping mall or a movie theatre in downtown Philadelphia. With winter still in full swing and unleashing its power and might, take note of all the rain, snow and mud that would get tacked in, not to mention all the spills–soda, coffee, popcorn, cheese and all sugary candies.

It’s a proven fact that commercial floors often get more abuse than residential floors, that’s why it really makes good business sense to have the most durable concrete surface that you can get your hands on. Sundek of PA has been in the decorative concrete business and serving clients for many years with quality decorative concrete applications such as stamping, staining and resurfacing concrete floors. We provide the most affordable and effectively durable custom concrete floors that are easy to maintain and gives off the proper aesthetic appeal to your commercial space. Our beautiful stained concrete floors can resist all kinds of tacky stains and disgusting spills that can be a hassle to clean.

Brilliant Interior and Exterior Concrete Surfaces

commercial pool deck resurfacing Philadelphia PAFor any commercial business, interior and exterior concrete surfaces and floors can greatly benefit from having decorative concrete done by Sundek of Philadelphia’s professional overlay contractors. Stained concrete designs and applications can allow any kind of exquisite and expensive look like natural stone and polished marble. With its two types–water and acid stains–it can produce stunning effects to your expensive taste. Custom graphics and company logos can also be added to the stained concrete surface to further unite the design of your commercial space’s interior design and for a more discernible branding identity. Stamped concrete can mimic the looks of brick, slate, stone and wood. These classic patterns can easily be achieved and it gives your concrete a more natural look. Concrete resurfacing can be your dilapidated and broken floor’s savior. We do this by overlaying a new surface than can be finished in a number of applications, including flagstone and cobblestone. These designs make for a natural textured floor.

Sundek of Philadelphia can transform your hotel’s flooring by using a stamped concrete overlay pattern for your exterior patio that could add a definite touch of class. Its durability and ease of maintenance will help you keep your grounds beautiful and welcoming for guests, as well as saving you the worry for years, and a big deal for your time and money.

Face the new business quarter with a new, durable and easy care decorative concrete floor! Now’s the time for you to focus on getting new interior floors for your office or any kind of commercial space. Your business could thrive all the more once your clients and customers see the beauty that your business evokes. Our craftsmen at Sundek of PA can transform your interior floors into a baffling work of art with a reduced downtime and cost than that of other materials, all while giving you the look of other expensive flooring options.

The Ideal Solution for Your Home or Business

The same solution to your commercial surface blues—stained, stamped or resurfaced concrete surfaces from Sundek of PA—can solve your flooring dilemmas that you may have in your home. As a homeowner, you can definitely experience the exact same durability, ease of maintenance and lox cost that a commercial business reaps. In addition to your interior flooring, we can also transform your patio, driveway, pool deck, garage, basement, and more.