Top Quality Water-Based Stained Concrete in Philadelphia, PA

Concrete staining is all the rave for home and business owners who are looking for creative yet affordable ways of updating their floors. A concrete stain is an effective method of customizing floors with colors, be it with a single color all throughout or multiple colors to achieve a specific design or pattern. Whatever is your purpose for staining concrete, we at Sundek of PA make sure that you get more than the satisfaction you deserve. We have decades of experience in the decorative concrete industry, specializing in stained, stamped, and other resurfacing services. As an exclusive Sundek installer, you can rest assured that the products we use have been tried and trusted with outstanding results.

Choosing Concrete Stain Colors

There are two types of stains: Acid-based and Water-based. Although they both provide floors with better aesthetics, each one has its own particular character, process, and benefits. So, what do you get when you choose a water-based stain? Read on to find out:

  • This is a user-friendly product that is safe to use indoors or out. It is easily applied with a spray or a roller, however, we highly recommend leaving the application process to an expert to ensure consistent application and durable results.
  • It does not contain chemicals that may give off hazardous fumes or cause irritation on the skin because it is a water-based solution.
  • It requires fewer steps in the application process as it does not require neutralization or rinsing, unlike with acid stain concrete applications where the concrete needs to be well-prepared to optimize absorption and then it needs to be rinsed afterwards to get rid of chemical residues.
  • It produces more vibrant and consistent colors that are opaque, making it a perfect option for specific designs or patterns.
  • Although applied topically, it penetrates the concrete surface well enough to prevent peeling and chipping of colors.
  • Traction can be improved with a layer of sealer on top, making the stains a lot more vibrant and pronounced as well.

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Getting the right help from the right people will make all the difference in the world when it comes to staining concrete floors. So trust only an expert who knows how to stain concrete with utmost efficiency and professionalism. Interested? Give us a call or send us an email to know more about your stain color options and to request a free quote.