Plymouth Meeting, PA Pool Deck Refinishing

Sundek of PA offers pool deck refinishing services in the Plymouth Meeting area. We are the leading installer of Sundek refinishing and protective coatings in the region. We specialize in total pool deck resurfacing or new installations using Sundek Classic Texture Coating. This outstanding product can transform an existing concrete deck into a colorful, appealing centerpiece of outdoor and entertainment activities.

plymouth meeting, PA pool deck
We provide a complete range of deck refinishing services. We can repair split, cracked, and chipped surfaces and seal them with protective coatings. For older existing installations, we offer resealing services. This method can update a deck area with fresh coatings and in the customer’s choice of colors.

For a dramatic transformation, we apply the Sundek Classic Texture Coating. This remarkable system solves the most frequent issues, overheated surfaces, and worn appearances. The installation creates a mosaic pattern that blends repaired areas into textured layers of color and designs.

Based upon many years of successful service, we are familiar with weather and prevailing conditions in the region. We can recommend services to enhance the function and appearance of poolside spaces or work to customer requests. We emphasize customer service, and customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

We look forward to calls and inquiries about our pool deck refinishing services. Please call (888) 491-2200 or fill out the convenient contact form. By either method, we will respond promptly to provide quotes, answer questions, and send detailed product information. We are eager to show the many ways in which our products and expert installations can improve the safety and appearance of residential or commercial locations. We can arrange an inspection, and we offer free estimates. Do not delay, please call or send a message today. Our excellent customer service begins with the first call or online request.