Patio Resurfacing

concrete patio contractor PhiladelphiaA patio is much more than just a paved outdoor area. If you’re a homeowner, it’s a place for family and friends to gather. If you’re a business owner, it’s a place for your guests to relax and hang out. 

Whether your existing patio needs some repairs or you want a visual upgrade, we can help.  

What is Patio Resurfacing?

When a contractor resurfaces a patio, they prepare the existing surface and then install a coating right on top of it. Essentially, it allows clients to get a surface that looks brand-new without having to tear out any concrete and start from scratch.   

Resurfacing a Patio vs. Replacing a Patio 

If you’re trying to decide between resurfacing your patio and replacing it, it’s helpful to discuss your options with a contractor as there are many factors that come into play. For one, you need to compare the cost of demolition and a new pour to the cost of resurfacing. The cost of resurfacing depends on several variables: 

  • Condition of your existing surface and what type of surface preparation is required
  • Product choice
  • Design (for example, a single color will cost less than multiple colors in an intricate pattern) 

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Design Options for Concrete Patio Coatings 

Because coatings can be customized with a variety of colors, textures, and patterns, the design options are endless. Whether you want a simple monotone surface or a detailed work of art, we’re here to help.

With our stamped concrete systems, we can create the look of just about any material including brick, stone, wood, and more. Using our staining systems, we can customize your surface to give it a look that complements the exterior of your home or business establishment. 

We always suggest that our clients get ideas from online sources, magazines, books, and visiting other homes and/or businesses. Once you figure out what style you want, we can consult with you to figure out how we can make it happen. Contact us for a free quote! 

Maintaining a Decorative Concrete Coating 

Though it doesn’t take much to care for a decorative concrete coating, it’s important to take the time to maintain it so it can last for years to come. The two main things to keep in mind: 

Keep it clean. There’s not a hard and fast rule for how often to clean your surface, but you do need to make sure it stays clear of debris to avoid staining or grime buildup. For patio surfaces, you also need to clean up food or drinks spills and not leave them sitting for long periods of time. 

Apply a high-quality sealer. Sealing your surface is a must. By protecting your patio with a sealer, you can protect it from stains, general foot traffic, and damage from UV rays or other elements. Learn more about sealers here.

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