5 Benefits of Choosing Concrete Overlays for Your Levittown Home

Concrete overlay wood plank finish Concrete overlays wood plank finish

Instead of outdated rooms in your Levittown home, why not do something about them by having concrete overlays installed? After all, they offer multiple benefits that make them an outstanding choice. Along with appearance, you can transform the functionality of different surfaces.

  1. Versatility – Incredible versatility is one benefit of using concrete overlays in your Levittown Whether interested in transforming a formal dining room where you host a lot of dinner parties, a hearth room where you do a lot of entertaining, or a basement where your children play, you have multiple options. Depending on the look that you want to achieve, you could select a handcrafted custom overlay, a micro-topping, or a stamped surface, among others.
  2. Resurfacing Solution – Instead of ripping out old concrete flooring, a pool deck, or something entirely different, an expert can install concrete overlays in your Levittown Not only does that save a lot of time, but you also avoid dealing with a huge mess.
  3. Applications – Regardless of the surface that you want to change at your Levittown home, there’s a perfect solution in the form of concrete overlays. You can completely transform the appearance of countertops, floors, and the pool deck, as well as the driveway, walkway, front porch, walls, fireplace surrounds, water feature, and the list goes on.
  4. Resistance – Most concrete overlays offer excellent resistance to stains, impact, abrasion, and foot, as well as vehicle traffic. The level of resistance depends on which product you choose for your Levittown
  5. Customization – Having the ability to customize the look of your new surface is yet another benefit. Along with standard designs, a skilled installer can create an amazing masterpiece specifically for you using a product like SunAcid, among others. Adding quartz beads, masonry effects, metallic flakes, and colored glass are just a few possibilities. Aggregates are a great way to enhance appearance and produce a slip-resistant surface.
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