Choose Acid Staining for a Unique Interior Floor Design

concrete stain PhiladelphiaAcid staining concrete floors can provide a unique and creative alternative that will redefine the interior design for your home or business. Although the use of carpeting and tile are still quality choices, concrete staining techniques are very often much less costly and provide an imaginative solution that can add style and beauty to any concrete floor.

Stained concrete is not a new concept and has largely been utilized in the commercial industry for years, but the many advancements in this amazing technology have recently made this process much more appealing to consumers. The variations in colors and finished surfaces are leading many to choose this affordable option as professional concrete resurfacing services have begun to offer these techniques to the public at large at very affordable prices.

The Look of Polished Stone

Acid staining concrete floors will allow you to keep your existing concrete, yet transform it into a wonderful new appearance that draws attention with a final result that looks like polished stone or marble, perhaps with etchings or textures included as well. Your professional resurfacing expert will provide a variety of colors and tints that will interact best with your existing concrete surface, usually in tints of earth tones, reds or greens.

Every Floor has its own Individuality

The finished mottled appearance is not uniform throughout the slab and will vary from surface to surface. This is part of the attraction for consumers interested in these staining techniques. Every process is different. Every floor is unique.

The process of staining concrete allows for a hydrochloric acid agent to be introduced to your flooring system which will interact with the lime deposits within your concrete. Since concrete mixtures vary from slab to slab, every reaction is unique and individual. Your professional concrete resurfacing provider can work with you to provide the best option for the type of concrete surface that currently exists in your home or business. No new pouring of concrete is required.

The Process is Quick and Easy

Your professional staining contractor will first remove the carpeting or tile from your existing floor, clean the surface thoroughly, and then apply the acid staining agent. The time that the stain will remain on the floor will be determined by the look and feel of the design that you are striving for. Once these techniques are complete, a solution of ammonia and water are then applied to neutralize the process. Clean up happens next, and the finished product is ready as soon as it dries! Acid stained floors has never been easier or more affordable!