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Remember those days when concrete was merely used as a base material for various structures in Philly? Now, it is more versatile than ever. Decorative concrete has made it possible for concrete to be an aesthetic option as well. In the past, it is often topped off with other paving or flooring materials, such as carpet, tile, and wood. Today, it can look good and function better with just decorative concrete coatings and overlays.

Concrete Resurfacing

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Resurfacing is the process of changing the top layer and replacing it with a newer and better material. This is a great repair option for concrete surfaces that have minor cracks, holes, or any sign of spalling or scaling. The overlay or coating covers up the surface, filling in the gaps, and protecting the slab underneath. The cost of resurfacing depends on the size of the job, surface preparation, the type of coating or overlay used, and any other add-on service to customize your concrete space. Popular resurfacing options include:

  • Stamped Concrete Overlay - With the use of a cementitious overlay and pre-made stamps, concrete surfaces can acquire better aesthetics, improved slip-resistance, and impressive durability. Stamped concrete patterns include brick, flagstone, slate, cobblestone, and more.
  • Spray Knockdown Finish - This involves an acrylic concrete coating that is sprayed on a concrete surface using a hopper gun. The splattered material is then knocked down with a trowel, creating a slip-resistant texture. This coating is also known for maintaining its low temperature 30% better than other paving materials.
  • Epoxy Flooring - Epoxy floor coating is made of equal parts of epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. This is a damage-resistant coating popular for use on garage floors.
  • Polyurea Polyaspartic - Also a two-part material, this is often used on garage floors as well as in commercial establishments and industrial facilities. It is a fast-drying material that can be installed and cured within a day.

Concrete Refinishing

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Contrary to resurfacing, this is meant to only change the appearance or finish, keeping the top layer intact. If there is any damage to the surface, it is first repaired before refinishing is performed. The great thing about refinishing is that it restores the slab and gives it a new look without the addition of another layer of material. This can only be done on existing concrete slabs with minimal to zero damage. A concrete refinishing contractor uses methods such as:

  • Stained Concrete - Concrete staining is a popular method for coloring concrete. It comes in two types: Acid and water-based. The pro of staining is that it penetrates past the surface, so the color does not fade, crack, or peel. Concrete staining is cost-effective because the color dries vibrantly and it stays on longer. How wide the space is, how many colors are used, and the type of concrete stain used will affect the total cost of staining a concrete slab.

Concrete Repair Solution

Concrete is durable and everyone knows that. This is one reason why the demand for this material has never gone down. Another popular attribute of concrete is how versatile it is. Decorative concrete provides efficient repair solutions that take advantage of that versatility. The most common issues and solutions of concrete are:

  • Cracks - Could be caused by improper subgrade compaction, impact, old age, and more. These can be filled with a filling agent and then resurfaced. If the crack recurs and is caused by regular movement of soil or water underneath the slab, the surface can be custom scored to incorporate the cracks into the design.
  • Spalling - Spalling is caused by freeze-thaw cycles. The surface will show brittle bits and pieces that disintegrates itself from the rest of the slab. This can develop into potholes and then make it a dusty area to drive or walk on. This can be resolved by resurfacing the whole area.
  • Stubborn stains and discolored concrete - These can be easily disguised by concrete staining. Make sure to add a layer of concrete sealer to keep the slab from getting stained and to make the colors richer.

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