Patio Project 101

stamped concrete PhiladelphiaWhether you are building or renovating a patio, the actual process can be quite challenging. No one wants to just go ahead and proceed with the project with proper planning. Unless you are willing to waste your time, money, and energy. Keep in mind that the patio will be an addition to your property. Something you cannot easily forgo or remove if you suddenly decide that you don’t want it. For beginners, as well as those who got a second chance to redo their patios, here are factors to consider for a patio project.

Know What You Want

One good question to ask yourself is “What are you looking for in a patio?”. It is easy to say that you want a huge slide, a huge brick firepit, a retractable shade, and anything over-the-top. But you have to be realistic. Do you and your family spend a lot of time outdoors? What activities do you often love to do? If you love roasting marshmallows, then include a fire pit in your list of must-have features. If you have no idea at all, browse through magazines or ask family members about their ideas.

Set a Specific Budget

Having a specific amount to spend helps you determine what can and cannot be included in the plan. If the sky is the limit then, by all means, install whatever you want. But if the budget is limited, make wise decisions. There are many affordable options out there that do not compromise quality and style. A stamped concrete overlay, for example, is a less expensive alternative to concrete stamping newly poured slab.

Browse for Materials and Designs

Do not limit your choices to materials and designs that you are already familiar with. There are many options out there so keep an open mind. When you think of a patio, the most common materials that come to mind are brick, stone pavers, and wood. But you would be surprised how a stamped concrete patio can be customized to look exactly like those materials. You may have been programmed to accept that only earthy colors are acceptable for patios but you’d be amazed at how pastels and neons can make the area a lot more stylish and interesting

Choose Sustainable Options

Nowadays, sustainability is such a huge factor in both the commercial and residential industry. Choose materials and designs that are easy to maintain and friendly to the environment. Using concrete stamps on an old concrete patio can actually help lower carbon footprint because it lowers the demand for manufacturing new concrete. Artificial grass is easier to maintain and water-efficient compared to real grass.

Discuss with an Expert

Don’t do all the researching and browsing yourself. Consult with an expert in the field of patio building or renovation. Some offer free consultations and price quotes so take advantage of that opportunity. They know more about materials, designs, and other important factors involved in patio projects so you know you are getting reliable assistance and information.