Stamped Concrete Cost: Important Things to Consider

Stamped, textured, or imprinted concrete has become such a hit among homeowners especially when it comes to enhancing their outdoor spaces. Why is this so? Think of it as a perfect balance between the cheap cost of plain concrete and the fancy look of fancy stone or wood work. Stamped concrete contractors have seen an increasing demand for this service in driveways, walkways, patios, courtyards, pool decks, and more.

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How much does stamped concrete cost?

Prior to a stamping concrete project, it is protocol for contractors to evaluate the area and provide an estimated cost to the customer. In a nutshell, here is a simple quote of the standard prices starting with a basic installation to a more high-end decorative concrete service:

  1. Basic Installation Price range per square foot: $8 to $12
    • Services included: One color and one pattern
  2. Intermediate Price range per square foot: $12 to $18
    • Services included: Two to three colors and a contrasting border design
  3. High-End Price range per square foot: $18 and up
    • Services included: Multiple colors (hand-staining), complex stamped patterns, custom score lines, realistic designs

What factors influence the cost of stamped concrete?

Upon considering a concrete stamping project, contractors are often mandated to evaluate a property to be able to come up with an accurate quote based on several factors, such as:

1. Size matters. Just like most projects, the larger the area, the more expensive it would be.

2. Pattern type and difficulty. There are over 20 patterns available for stamped concrete projects. The most basic, often involving a set of pre-designed stamps, are often cheaper than those that require custom or random patterns.

3. Number of  colors. The question “how much is stamped concrete” can also be answered by how many colors will actually be involved in the installation. A single or monotone is less expensive because it can be applied with a spray, which requires less time and effort. Multiple tones, on the other hand, are often applied on concrete that aim to resemble the look of natural stone. Therefore, a manual staining application is required to achieve such look.

4. Damages and repairs. While concrete surfaces that are in good condition can be stamped almost immediately after just a little prepping, those that require some repairs may take more time and require more money. Repairs may also vary from something simple as caulking minor cracks to the more complicated micro topping.

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