Top 5 Concrete Patio Trends

Outdoor living space is almost a necessity in most homes in various states in the country, including Philadelphia. While the humid summers would be better spent outdoors, locals need not go too far to do so. Nowadays, patios have become the place to be when spending time at home. Just like in fashion, the concrete patio resurfacing in Philadelphia trends change to meet the demands of people. Here are some of them:

Non-traditional Surfaces

Gone are the days when wood dominated the patio flooring. It is still a good material to use but it can be quite troublesome when wood-eating pests get in the picture. Today, decorative stamped concrete Philadelphia floors are becoming more and more popular. The range of options it provides gives every homeowner the opportunity to choose a design or pattern that would fully satisfy their needs and wants.

stamped concrete patio Philadelphia

Photo Credit: Sundek of PA

Extending the Indoors

One important factor in choosing furniture are those that can withstand outdoor weather. This, however, often restricts the design and material selection. Now, the selection is so wide that it’s almost like bringing the indoors outside. Patios now feature living rooms, dining areas, and even kitchens!

patio resurfacing philadelphia

Photo Credit: Sundek of PA

Multi-use Fire Features

Fire pits are a lot more preferable nowadays because of its small size and portability. To make the feature a lot more desirable, it can now be used for more things other than just for heat and illumination. The designs available can make it a focal point in any patio. Also, some innovative designers have incorporated a wooden element that, when used to cover a fire pit, turns it into a table.

stamped concrete Philadelphia

Photo Credit: Sundek of PA


Outdoor Lighting

Not only is this a safety feature, it is also one that is uber dramatic. Spending time outdoors in the hot humid nights in Philadelphia would be best enjoyed with enough lighting. LED lights are the best option because it provides a more ideal brightness at a less electricity-consuming rate.


Photo credit: Greenville LED Patio Lighting

Vertical “Food” Gardens

Imagine a stamped concrete patio Philadelphia garden with edible plants. It is a great addition to any patio especially with the sustainable options trending nowadays. If you are worried that it would eat up space, a vertical garden is the best solution. The plants are arranged on a wall or a specially-made hanging area so that the walking and sitting space are preserved. Herbs, vegetables, and fruits are highly recommended because, not only do they make the patio looks nice and colorful, they are very handy, too, when you need to whip up your special dish!

concrete patio vertical garden

Photo credit: AKADesign.CA


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