Top Free Design Software for Pool Deck Plans

Designing pool decks nowadays, be it a new install or a remodel, is a lot easier to plan with all the innovative tools available today. Aside from making it easier for designers or architects to create pool deck plans and present them to customers, it also gave property owners the opportunity to be able to create the plans themselves. Here are the top software for designing pool decks:

  • Azek Deck Designerazek designer

This is one of the best for use both on desktops and tablets. It is fast and very easy to use and navigate. It presents many options and the details are definitely impressive. These are great for designing above-ground pool decks. You can choose the height, number of tiers, and even other things like a hot tub or furniture.

  • Deck Designerdecks dot com deck designer

This is a fairly good software that allows you to look at the design in 3D view, aerial view, or side view. This, however, is a bit slow and the design does not look as real as the Aztec software. Images can be cartoonish.

  • Lowe’s Deck Designerlowes deck designer

This is one of the most highly recommended options by designers but it is quite difficult to access and too complicated to get it to work. First, it only works with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. It also requires a hard-to-find plugin to make it work.

  • SketchUpsketchup

This is one big player in the world of design software. It can be used to design almost anything and the options are many, even with the free version. You can view your design from the top, side, or at a certain angle. You can also move the decks or tiers you have designed to help you work out a layout.

If you are really interested in designing a pool deck, try to look up paid software that do just that. It is important that you should know now that these are not cheap. However, if provides you all the tools and options you need to efficiently create a pool deck plan that you can apply on your property, then it would be a worthwhile investment. But do not rely on the software to guarantee the results you yield. It is always best to consult a pro and to hire a reliable contractor who can help you out every step of the way.