Why So Many Business Owners Choose Handcrafted Concrete Overlays

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Concrete Overlays

If you pay attention when visiting different businesses in Pennsylvania, a pattern will emerge. You will notice a lot of them choose handcrafted concrete overlays as their flooring solution. Not only that, but you will see that in addition to the floors, many business owners change the appearance of their other surfaces, including countertops, walls, water features, walkways, and more.

Now, you ask why. For one thing, handcrafted concrete overlays are just as the name implies, resurfacing products crafted by hand. That means an experienced and highly skilled artisan performs the work. The expert painstakingly handles every aspect of the application process, giving you a one-of-a-kind finished project.

The artisan also uses the best product on the market. For instance, using Tuscan, this individual hand-trowels the textured effect according to your specific wants and needs. While this option produces a stamped design, meaning the surface ends up looking like brick, wood, stone, slate, and more, it is thicker and therefore, more durable.

Another extraordinary benefit of handcrafted concrete overlays is they work on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Along with floors, driveways, patios, and pool decks, you could have the appearance of walls, fireplace surrounds, stairways, and water features more enhanced to help your business stand apart from the competition. In fact, the professional can apply the overlay on materials beyond concrete such as cinder block, stucco, brick, drywall, etc.

Even the level of creativity skyrockets. By working with an artisan with years of experience applying handcrafted concrete overlays, either he can recommend designs and design elements or turn your concept into a reality. As a team, there are no limitations. You might have an idea the expert expounds on to make it even greater than imagined.

All the things mentioned are why so many business owners go with handcrafted concrete overlays as opposed to a more traditional solution. Beautiful flooring and other surfaces make a lasting impression on current customers and prospects, giving their companies a competitive edge.