5 Kid-Friendly Pool Deck Ideas

If you have a pool that kids use, it’s important to make it as safe and kid-friendly as possible. If you’re thinking about putting in a pool (or even if you already have a pool), here are some things qualities you might want to consider:

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Slip-resistant Pool Deck

No matter how much effort you put into asking kids not to run around the pool, a little bit of running is inevitable. With wet feet, though, running on a pool deck can create a hazardous situation. That’s why it’s critical that that your surface is slip resistant. A reputable contractor, such as SUNDEK of Pennsylvania, will install the right texture or non-slip additives so your surface doesn’t get dangerously slippery when wet.

Cool Deck Surface

Concrete and most pool deck materials tend to get uncomfortably hot when exposed to sunlight or heat for long periods of time. Instead of you and your guests needing to wear flip flops every time you hang out by the pool over summer, get a spray knockdown finish installed. Known for its heat reflectivity, our knockdown finish product, Classic Texture, reflects the heat back. Opting for a light color rather than a dark color for your pool deck surface is another way to ensure it stays cooler on hot days.

Wide Wading Area

If you’re up for taking on a larger project, create a wading area on the pool deck next to your pool that gradually reaches a depth of about 6 inches. Wading areas are not only great for smaller kids to enjoy splashing around in the pool, they’re also nice for sunbathing.

Add Some Shade

Adding plenty of shady spots in your pool area is a great way to extend your time spent outdoors by the pool. Kids can lounge and play for hours without getting burnt, and parents can also get reprieve from the heat. Large umbrellas work well, but there are other ways to add shade: shade sails are a fairly low-cost solution. Planting trees on the outskirts of your pool deck is a bit more of an investment but also adds to the ambiance. (Just be sure to choose trees that won’t drop a lot of leaf litter into your pool.)

Towel and Toy Area

Having a designated spot for storing pool toys, rafts, and the like not only makes things easier, it also keeps your pool deck cleaner. For example, when wet rafts or pool noodles sit on a pool deck surface for long periods of time, the deck can become moldy and mildewy. Having all your pool toys and rafts in a specific area will also make it easier to keep your pool area tidy.

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