A Brief Look at Spray Knockdown Finish Installation

knockdown texture installation philadelphiaConcrete surfaces, although durable, will eventually show flaws and blemishes. While some owners would often choose to remove the whole slab altogether, some prefer a more affordable yet still efficient method: spray knockdown texture. The great thing about a spray texture is that it can hide blemishes and flaws. It also features a texture that is similar to stucco but more subtle.  This type of concrete solution is popular as one of the best pool deck resurfacing options. And it can also be used for patios, driveways, entryways, walkways and other outdoor surfaces.

Spray-Down Concrete Resurfacing Process

Installing a knock-down finish is almost impossible to get wrong. However, the process needs to be strictly followed. Also, experts and appropriate equipment are needed to acquire exceptional results. Here is a brief look at the process of installing a knockdown texture on concrete:

Step 1: It is important for a licensed contractor to assess a concrete surface thoroughly prior to deciding if it can be resurfaced. The slab is tested for deep damage and other issues that could be detrimental to a resurfacing.

Step 2: The surface is prepared for the coating. It needs to be clean and free from dirt, oil, and other stuff that could weaken adhesion. If the concrete surface has an existing finish or coating, it needs to be sanded with a grinding equipment to remove that layer.

Step 3: The acrylic concrete coating is prepared and loaded into the hopper gun. A test spray is done somewhere inconspicuous to make sure that it is even and effective.

Step 4: The coating is sprayed on the concrete surface well enough that some material is splattered evenly. A trowel is used to knock down the splatters before they completely dry. This creates a slip-resistant trowel finish.

Step 5: Although a spray texture comes in a variety of colors, it can also be stained for a more custom look. Scoring and engraving can be done if desired by customer or essential for the condition of the concrete surface.

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