Historic Mansion’s Surfaces Transformed with SUNDEK Textured Coating

SUNDEK of Pennsylvania used Classic Texture to give the ballroom and outdoor space at a historic property an eye-catching surface that’s built to last.

For the ballroom at the Willows at Ashcombe Mansion in Mechanicsburg, PA, SUNDEK of Pennsylvania installed a Classic Texture surface in a classic checkerboard pattern, providing the venue with a beautiful, durable surface fit for seeing thousands of guests a year.

When Deborah Myers Welsh took ownership of the historic Ashcombe Mansion in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, she had a specific vision in mind for the stunning 7,563 square-foot home and grounds. She wanted to restore the Victorian home, which was built in 1891, preserving its gorgeous features such as original custom millwork, winding staircases, and stained-glass windows—all while transforming it into a wonderland for weddings and other large events. One of several goals for the Willows at Ashcombe Mansion’s event space was to create a ballroom with custom flooring. That’s where SUNDEK of Pennsylvania came in.

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For the ballroom, an addition which would be used as a reception area for weddings, Deborah hired Sperry Fabric Architecture to design a one-of-a-kind sailcloth tent structure. Deborah told Mike Foreman, owner of SUNDEK of Pennsylvania, that she knew she wanted the design of the flooring in the space to match the mansion’s interior checkered floor. She also knew that while she wanted the flooring to be as stunning as the rest of the property and the glamorous tented ballroom itself, she also needed it to be durable enough to withstand use from thousands of guests a year.

Mike and his team recommended a Classic Texture finish for the ballroom floor. Classic Texture, which is also known as a knockdown finish, is a coating that provides many benefits. The coating, which can be customized to fit any style, is also stain resistant and easy to clean, a necessity in a location where large groups of people would gather for dining and dancing. Its slip resistance is another major benefit, giving the staff at Ashcombe the peace of mind that guests will be safe during large events with large numbers of guests of many ages.

On top of all these benefits, Classic Texture is one of the most durable coating options available on the market. When cared for properly, it’ll look great and hold up well for many years down the road, even after lots of use.

For years, Classic Texture has held up great against massive amounts of foot traffic, accidental food and drink spills, and chairs and tables sliding against it in this tented ballroom area of the venue.

Along with the flooring under the tented ballroom space, Deborah wanted Mike and his team to coat the outdoor surface adjacent to the tent, dubbed the Grand Terrace, to give the indoor and outdoor spaces a cohesive feel. Initially, Ashcombe discussed wanting to use the same checkerboard aesthetic in this outdoor space, but Mike had an alternative suggestion. “I thought it would be nice to distinguish the outdoor surface from the indoor surface by using two different designs that would complement one another and not match exactly.” For the Grand Terrace, Mike suggested using the same two colors in the ballroom but changing the pattern to a black geometric striping. Deborah and her team loved the idea, and SUNDEK moved forward with it.

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Adjacent to the ballroom, the Grand Terrace is a space often used for cocktail live music, and more. SUNDEK of Pennsylvania recommended a geometric design here that complements the interior floor of the ballroom beautifully. Photo courtesy of The Willows at Ashcombe Mansion.

To someone who hasn’t done this type of work before, a design with straight lines may seem simple and straightforward. However, the opposite is true: achieving this design requires meticulous attention to detail. “You can’t be off an inch in your measurements when laying out a design like this,” says Mike. “Otherwise, your lines will look uneven and messy.” SUNDEK of Pennsylvania crews carefully laid out the lines, checking and rechecking their work before putting the finishing touches on the project.

In the end, SUNDEK of Pennsylvania crews created a work of art for the event space at Ashcombe Mansion. Even after years of use, thousands of guests walking and dancing on it, and the inevitable messes that occur during large events, the surface still looks fantastic—and will continue to for years to come.

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