Custom Scored Concrete Hides & Prevents Cracking

Learn how SUNDEK of Pennsylvania can help address existing cracks in your concrete and prevent future cracks from occurring.

Scorelines add to the beauty of a concrete surface while also preventing future cracking.

Not only is scored concrete a great way to add a pattern to your concrete surface, it also addresses the issue of cracking concrete.

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What does it mean to score concrete?

Scoring concrete is when a contractor cuts into the concrete to create a pattern or design.

Scoring can be completed at different stages, depending on what you’re working with.

  • Newly poured concrete can be scored before the concrete cures completely.
  • Existing concrete that’s been there for years can be scored by saw-cutting.
  • Existing concrete can also be scored in tandem with the application of a decorative coating.

What is SUNDEK of Pennsylvania’s Custom Scoreline Effect?

This technique allows us to resurface old, cracked concrete. We achieve it by doing the following:

  1. Open existing cracks with a grinder wheel.
  2. Use a grinder to create scorelines on the rest of the surface, creating a pattern in the process.
  3. Fill scored cracks with sealant. This step prevents water and debris from getting inside. It also helps to visually blend the old and new scorelines, creating a nice pattern.
  4. Apply a finishing coat. Coats are available in a variety of colors.

By incorporating the scorelines into the design, we can hide existing cracks. This technique allows us to work with cracks instead of against them. Since cracking is inevitable, it’s a fantastic way to prevent future cracking.

Can decorative applications be added during the scoreline process?

Yes! If you want to do more than just add scorelines, you can also add a decorative coat. SUNDEK of Pennsylvania specializes in adding Classic Texture, our knockdown texture, and then adding scorelines to complete the design.

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