Downingtown Concrete Resurfaced with Knockdown Finish

For a home in Downingtown, PA, SUNDEK of Pennsylvania transformed several surfaces to match a pool deck they resurfaced years earlier.

At a residence in Downingtown, PA, SUNDEK of Pennsylvania removed a failing epoxy finish on their front walkway, front porch, and side stoop, and resurfaced it using Classic Texture.

When a homeowner in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, had SUNDEK resurface his pool area in 2021, he was thrilled with his new deck. So, when he decided it was time to redo a few other surfaces on his property, he gave Mike Foreman, owner of SUNDEK of Pennsylvania, a call.

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The homeowner was ready to upgrade his front walkway, front porch, and side stoop—about 383 square feet total. Although SUNDEK of Pennsylvania typically does jobs on a larger scale, they were happy to come out and help their customer match these smaller surfaces to his new pool deck.

SUNDEK had resurfaced the pool deck using Classic Texture, and that’s what they would use for resurfacing the front walkway, porch, and side stoop. Classic Texture, also known as knockdown texture, is well-loved by both homeowners and commercial property owners for its many benefits: it’s stain and slip resistant, easy to clean, stays cooler than plain gray concrete, and durable. Clients who care for their surfaces properly can rely on it for decades of use—even in high-traffic areas.

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In the area, SUNDEK of Pennsylvania is known for their ability to customize Classic Texture in a variety of ways: using colors and patterns, they can mimic other materials, create color banding, and design interesting patterns. They can also use custom scorelines to create interesting details and even control existing cracking and prevent future cracking. For this job, the customer wanted a simple application: a texture coating in one color—Franciscan Tan.

The customer wanted a simple, one-color finish. SUNDEK used Classic Texture in Franciscan Tan for all three areas.

Before the team could apply the new coating, they needed to prepare the existing surface which had previously been coated with an epoxy finish. To completely remove the epoxy, the SUNDEK crew scarified the surface to ensure the texture coat would adhere to it properly.

When the job was complete, the homeowner, Michael Persiano, was happy with his improved walkway, porch and side stoop, leaving this review: "This is the second time that I have used SUNDEK of PA for work at the house. Their teams are professionals at what they do, and their work is meticulously done from start to finish. If you are looking to beautify your deck, this is the place to go."

The SUNDEK of Pennsylvania team was thrilled to provide a beautiful and durable surface for their repeat customer.

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