5 Reasons Why Decorative Concrete is a Trend

decorative concrete overlay PhiladelphiaTrends often come and go, even in the remodeling industry. A certain material can be hot right now and then tacky the next. When property owners decide to build or remodel a home, it is common for them to look into what material is trending now. However, it is important to choose something that is not just trending for a fleeting moment but one that will remain ideal for many years to come. Decorative concrete is one such trend. Architects, building managers, and even designers have acknowledged the fact that concrete is a common material but it always has something new to offer. Many companies, such as Sundek decorative concrete, Kooldeck, and the like, have come out, each one offering their own innovative options to make concrete more desirable. Here is a breakdown of why it is an enduring and everlasting trend.


Concrete is still the same utilitarian material that we have come to know. But thanks to interior designers and artisans, it has become a highly stylish material for the home. It almost competes with more high-end materials like granite, marble, natural stone, and even wood. With concrete stamp patterns and textures, it can be designed to integrate with almost any type of theme, like Old-world European, contemporary, vintage classic, and more. There are so many options to make concrete look luxurious and expensive without compromising functionality.


Concrete can be molded, colored, and designed in so many ways. Dyes and stains are still popular methods of coloring concrete but there are other non-conventional methods like sandblasting, swirling, and directional brooming. Metallic epoxies also offer an endless array of color combinations.


The affordability of concrete is a well-known benefit. A designer once said that he is amazed at how affordable concrete is and how he can purchase an 80-pound bag and use it to create planters, tables, and more, even without power tools. It is also because of this that commercial property owners prefer decorative concrete for both outdoor and indoor flooring applications.


Concrete is as durable as time itself. It has always been a preferred material both for sub-base and topping. With proper installation, it can last several years.

Low Maintenance

While most stunning materials require tedious cleaning and maintenance, concrete does not. With proper installation and sealing, all it needs is minor sweeping and occasional mopping. The sealer keeps concrete from absorbing anything and preventing stubborn stains, making the surface easier to clean.

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