The Rich Culture of Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia has been known to be a place free from religious persecution. This is the reason why several religious sectors, as well as other ethnicities, have migrated to the city. This migration contributed to the city’s diverse culture.


This city was the go-to place for fine art, such as portraits, even before the American Revolution. Philadelphia has a lot of art schools, museums, and galleries, such as:

  • Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
  • Rodin Museum
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art

When it comes to public art, Philadelphia probably has the most display in the entire country. The city has murals, architectural structures, as well as artistic graffitis. The music scene in Philly is also quite interesting. Starting from the organs brought by religious immigrants, the city has developed a love for jazz and Hip Hop, with artists like John Coltrane and Charlie Biddle for jazz and Will Smith and The Roots for Hip Hop. The city also supports performing art endeavors, hence, the assembly of the Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia, which supports over 120 theater organizations in the city. The variety of performances include ballet, jazz dances, musicales, puppet shows, and more.


Because of its immigrant history, Philadelphia has developed a variety of tastes and flavors. One of the most popular is cheesesteak. The city is also known for water ice and soft pretzels which, although not originating from Philly, has become two of the city’s staple food. Another must-try food in Philly is Irish Potato Candy. The city has recently added over 150 dining establishments, excluding cafes and bars. It rich ethnic culture also made it a city of great Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, and East African food, to name a few.

Fairs & Events

Among the most famous annual events and festivals in Philadelphia is the Mummers Parade, often held during New Year’s Day. They also have the following:

  • Saint Patrick’s Day parade
  • Puerto Rican Day parade
  • Welcome America
  • Philadelphia Flower Show
  • Greek Picnic
  • Wing Bowl
  • Philadelphia Folk Festival
  • Unity Day


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