A Brief Look into Philadelphia, PA Sports

Philadelphia, a city in Pennsylvania, is home to various teams and events. They have teams in professional, semi-professional, and amateur sports. They also have collegiate and high school sports. In North America, Philly is one of the 12 cities that often hosts events in four major sports leagues.

Major League Teams

Philadelphia has won in NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB at least once. They have a total of 16 championships, all thanks to their long history of professional sports teams.

Philadelphia Phillies (MLB)

This team is the only MLB team from Philadelphia. It was founded in 1883 and is considered as the oldest team that still holds the same name and has remained a franchise in the same city since it was founded. This team competes in the National League East. They have won the World Series in 1980 and again in 2008. Other notable titles are 11 from the NL East Division and 7 from the National League.

Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)

Founded in 1933, this team is a member of the National Football Conference’s East Division. Since their founding, they have operated continuously except one time when they briefly merged with the Pittsburgh Steelers, renaming the team to Steagles. The Philadelphia Eagles have won three titles in the NFL, one in 1948, again in 1949, and then in 1960. They have also won 3 conference championship titles, and 13 titles from division sports championships. They have appeared twice in the Super Bowl but have yet to win a title in the said event.

Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)

More popularly known as the Sixers, this team is the only basketball team from Philly for the NBA. It has won 3 NBA championship titles since its franchise. The team ranks third with the most NBA wins as of 2014. Other championships won are 9 conference titles and 5 division titles.

Philadelphia Flyers (NHL)

Added during the NHL expansion in 1967, it is one of the six teams that ended the Original six era. The Flyers compete in the Metropolitan divisions. It has won two Stanley Cup Championships, one in 1974 and then another in 1975, making them the first Stanley Cup champion that was not part of the original six teams. Other titles won are 8 conference championships and 16 division championships.

Philadelphia Union (MLS)

This is a Major League Soccer team that competes in the Eastern Conference. This franchise team was founded only recently in 2010. The team’s official venus is the Talen Energy stadium located in Chester, Pennsylvania.


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