Cool Deck Coatings for Pools in & Around Philadelphia

How to get a comfortable pool deck surface that doesn’t get too hot on summer days.

cool deck coatingNot only is this pool deck beautiful, but it also remains at a comfortable temperature—even when it’s really hot out. We installed this cool deck surface at a residential pool using Classic Texture.

One of the most common reasons homeowners and property owners ask us to resurface their concrete pool deck is because it gets way too hot, making it unbearable on hot days. Fortunately, we have a great solution for that: a cool deck coating.

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What is a cool deck?

A cool deck is simply a pool deck surface that doesn’t retain a lot of heat, making it much more comfortable to walk on when it’s hot out. It is achieved by applying a cool pool deck coating on top of an existing concrete slab.

Why do pool deck surfaces get so hot?

There are several reasons the surface temperature of a pool deck might rise:

  • Topcoat. There are some materials that absorb less heat than others. Acrylic, for example, does not absorb as much heat as plain gray concrete or dark stone. At SUNDEK of Pennsylvania, we used an acrylic topcoat called Classic Texture for the pool decks we resurface.
  • Color. Dark colors absorb more heat than light colors.
  • Location. If your pool deck sits in direct sun all day, it will absorb more heat than a pool deck that gets even just a little bit of dappled shade. Sometimes you don’t have much control over where your pool is sited, but it’s good to know so you can add a shade structure, trees, or other shade solutions.
  • Texture. A textured surface doesn’t retain as much heat as a smooth surface.

Can you add cool decking to an existing pool deck?

Yes! If you have a pool deck that gets unbearably hot, you can resolve the issue by resurfacing your pool deck and getting a cool deck coating installed right on top of your existing concrete surface. That’s great news for many property owners who worry that they’ll have to tear out their entire concrete pool deck to get a cool deck.

cool deck philadelphiaA cool deck coating of Classic Texture and sitting in dappled shade makes this pool deck a very pleasant place to hang out, even on scorching days.

Is cool deck for pools more expensive than concrete?

Because cool deck material needs to be applied right on top of existing concrete, yes, it is more expensive than just a gray slab of concrete. However, reducing the heat of your pool deck through cool decking is very affordable. And considering the benefits, it’s worth the extra cost. The final cost of your cool decking project depends on a few things:

  • New surface versus existing surface. Will you be pouring a brand-new slab of concrete and then having a cool deck coating installed on top? Or are you resurfacing an existing concrete pool deck? The answer to this question affects your total project cost.
  • Condition of existing concrete. If you are getting your existing pool deck resurfaced, the concrete that’s already there needs to be in the right condition before the cool deck coating goes on top. So, for example, cracks, spalling, or other damage needs to be resolved first.
  • Location. Just like any other construction or renovation project, the cost of materials varies from state to state and even county to county, so the price depends on where you’re located.
  • Design. If your design plan is intricate—for example, if you’ve planned a pattern using scorelines and a variety of colors—that will cost more than a simple design with only one color.

So how much does it cost to get a cool deck? The best way to get an exact cost for your cool pool deck project is to contact a contractor to get an estimate. Contact SUNDEK of Pennsylvania to get a free quote.

What material is cool deck?

Contractors use various decking products for cool deck resurfacing, but at SUNDEK of Pennsylvania, we find that Classic Texture is the best solution. It’s an acrylic, water-based product with a spray texture that keeps surface temperatures down.

Are cool decks slippery?

A reputable contractor will texture a cool pool deck coating in a way that makes it so it does not get too slippery when wet.

Aggregates, which can be mixed right into your sealer, are another way you can make your surface slip resistant. If you go this route, you’ll need to talk with your contractor about how often to reapply the sealer so that the non-slip aggregates stay effective.

Cool deck colors

When choosing a color, it’s best to opt for lighter colors that don’t retain as much heat as dark colors.

At SUNDEK of Pennsylvania, we have a variety of colors you can choose from, making your design options endless. We also do custom colors. If you’d like to see which colors retain the least heat (and the most heat) we can share that information when we come out to give you a free quote.

cool deck for poolsFor this pool deck, the property owner opted for a decorative banding in a different color than the rest of their deck. The entire surface was completed using Classic Texture in two colors.

See our Pool Decks photo gallery.

How long does a cool deck last?

A cool deck lasts as long as other decorative concrete surfaces as long as it’s cared for properly. It’ll look great and hold up well for at least two decades. At that point, you’ll probably need to resurface it or patch up any spots that need it. Here’s an overview of what you need to do to keep it clean.

  • Sweep or hose off dirt and debris regularly so it doesn’t sit on your deck.
  • Wipe up spills from oils and other contaminants when they occur.
  • Don’t let wet towels or pool toys sit on the deck for really long periods of time.
  • Get your surface resealed every few years to prevent damage and staining.
  • Address small cracks as soon as they occur so they don’t turn into larger problems.

See more about cleaning and maintaining your decorative concrete surface.

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