Sundek Classic Texture: An Ideal Concrete Solution

In the world of acrylic cement coatings, you will find handful of products that are popular. But the best option for your Plymouth Meeting, PA residential or commercial property is Sundek Classic Texture.

Advantages of Using Sundek Classic Texture

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This acrylic cement coating from Sundek can help you beautify your concrete, whether that’s an entry area to your business or your home’s pool deck.  Using this type of finish has many advantages.

  • Protection

One of the most important things about this coating is that it offers protection – both to the concrete and to those walking on it. Because acrylic coating offers an impermeable surface, stains and water cannot penetrate the concrete beneath. That means your concrete will stay looking great for years to come, long after plain concrete would be stained, discolored and ugly.

It also protects those walking on it because it offers a slip resistant surface, which makes it ideal for use around swimming pools and other areas. Finally, Classic Texture also protects bare feet from heat. It absorbs far less heat from the sun than plain concrete does, so you can walk comfortably around your pool or patio.

  • Versatility of Use

Another significant benefit found with this coating is the fact that it can be applied almost anywhere. It’s a spray-on application, so it can be put on walls and floors alike. It’s also a good option for both indoor and outdoor application, making it even more versatile. Because of its immense durability, you will also find that it is a good solution for the needs of homeowners and commercial applications alike.

Whether you want to protect your driveway, pool deck, patio, entryway, walkway or something else, Classic Texture is an excellent way to do just that.

Installation Process

The acrylic water-base spray texture system is mixed then placed into a hopper gun and sprayed onto the concrete. The surface is then knocked with a trowel’s edge to create a slip-free and comfortable walking surface. Once the texture has dried, our installers will spray acrylic finish coatings for protection.

You can choose from a variety of colors and designs, A special template is used to create the look of a brick, tile, stone or other designs you desire. You can also combine it with custom scoreline effects, masonry effects, aggregate effects and all other applications to create a more appealing surface.

View Sundek Classic Texture Color Chart

Call An Experienced Contractor

To ensure that your application goes as smoothly as possible, it’s highly recommended that you work with the most experienced contractor in Plymouth Meeting, Philadelphia, Harrisburg and the surrounding areas. Call us at (610)624-4309 for a free estimate.

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